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Hope is on the way!

It’s been nearly two months since I wrote here, but write I must. There’s less than an hour until polls close here in Minnesota. All early indications are that Kerry’s got this thing, but we know how early indications go. Voter turnout is high and that’s a good thing for Democrats. Now, we wait for local results. I’m reminded of little orphan Annie. The sun will come out tomorrow, and hope is on the way.

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Umm, second-hand smoke

I’ve had only intermittent access to my site as of late because of DNS issues, so I appoligize for the lack of updates.

The news in Saint Paul today is that Mayor Kelly has vetoed for the second time this year a ban on smoking in some buildings. Randy Kelly…this one explains itself. More here.

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Porter Goss

Kevin Drum has a few eye-opening words on Porter Goss.

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The Corporation

I saw The Corporation three weekends ago and have been meaning to write about it. That’s not going to happen now though. Long story short, see it. You can read more at ai.

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Mike Malloy…

Mike Malloy is back on the air. If you missed his inaugural broadcast on Air America, check out the archives.

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Elitists and the creative class

“Some people call you the elite. I call you my base.” — George W. Bush

I have to recommend some radio listening for those with spare time:

On Thursday’s Fresh Air, Terry Gross spoke with Stephen Moore, President of the Club for Growth, and one of those responsible for writing that group’s infamous anti-Howard Dean ad. Moore attempts to define “elite” to Terry in an excruciating exchange in which both Moore and Gross take jabs at each other. The essence of this conversation is that Moore believes “elite” is a purely social term. I.e. a New York Times reading senior whom lives on $20,000 a year and has to choose between food and the drugs she needs to stay alive is elite but a corporate executive who wipes his ass with $100 bills isn’t (as long as he reads The Post). Wake up Stephen

Changing the subject completely, Richard Florida spoke about talent, technology, and tolerance and how all three are needed for a city to compete. He also suggests that the real divide in America isn’t a divide between the left and right but a divide between the creative and, for lack of better term, left behind. Kevin Drum had some similar thoughts last month. Take a listen.

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How the economy is really doing

Wednesday’s Marketplace Morning Report featured a commentary by Robert Reich (Clinton’s Labor Secretary) on, as he called it, the two economies. That sound a lot like two America’s to anyone else? Here’s the audio (you’ll have to seek to 04:32 for the commentary).

Update: This link should take you right to the commentary.

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Pomeroy for Congress

I know the title of this post doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but, that not withstanding, the first district Democrats last night endorsed Mankato businessman, writer, and college instructor Leigh Pomeroy to run against Gil Gutknecht.

There’s more here and here. Otherwise, I don’t know much more about him.

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A quick update is in order. I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been working some long hours, but here’s two points.

The period to file for election in Minnesota opened today and the 1st district DFL will be nominating a new candidate to run against Gil Gutknecht tonight in Albert Lea. Joe Mayer dropped out a few weeks ago citing health concerns.

And, of course, you’ve all heard that John Edwards is Kerry’s choice for running mate. Was there any question? Edwards will bring North Carolina for the Dems. All Gephardt would have brought was…nothing. Missouri will already go Democrat. In this race, little else matters as much.

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The Nation on Healthcare

Last week’s Nation (on newsstands next Monday) has two must reads. The first, a column by Katha Pollitt, has some wrenching examples of how health costs can ruin lives. The second is a comment by Trudy Lieberman on the new Medicare cards.

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What a week

My apologies for the lack of updates to the site as of late. Last week I was busy preparing for my graduation, and, more recently, I’ve been mourning the loss of a great man: Ray Charles.

Who else is sick about the onslaught of coverage about Reagan in the media, the disruption that the “mourning” has caused our lives this week, and the twinkles seen in the eyes of diehard Reaganites as they watch the TV specials about their “popular” leader? That, is the worst part. Reagan’s called a popular president: his highest approval rating was 68%, his lowest 35%. G.W., on the other hand, has had a rating as high as 90% and the lowest he has reached is 46%. Yes, Reagan promoted awful policies, but I’m too young to remember most of his presidency, and what really makes me sick is the thought that forty years from now people are going to be mourning George for a week.

If there’s any silver lining to this, perhaps it’s the same media coverage that I bemoan. Who, after all, can deny the “liberal” media’s love affair with this man?

So, as you’re watching your newscaster nearly break into tears at the thought of life without Reagan, just remember, we’ll get along fine. Some people don’t want you to know that.

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All’s well in California

This is amazing. I wouldn’t contest Gorillahead’s right to his likeness, but a lawsuit? Doesn’t the man have a state to run?

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Historic day in Massachusetts

On this historic day, Bush has again called for a ban on gay marriage. Often cited by anti-marriage Republicans as their reason for not supporting gay marriage is the assumption that gay marriage will lead to bigamy and more. If this is their real concern, why don’t they propose an amendment to ban bigamy? Of course, no one is so gullable as to believe that this is what they’re really concerned about. But, what if Kerry supported a ban on bigamy? Could he finally openly support gay marriage (assuming he supports gay marriage)? I suspect we’ll never know.

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