Fighting the healthcare man

Some rare, good news:

A group of about 160 Minnesotans have bucked a national trend by persuading their employer to pick up more of their health insurance costs.

The medical assistants, technicians and clerical workers — members of SEIU Local 113 — called off a strike set for today after Riverway Clinics sweetened its health insurance offer during the weekend. In a 103-26 vote Monday night, union members approved a three-year contract that raises the employer’s share of their insurance premiums from a low of 57 percent, before this contract, up to as high as 80 percent immediately.

“Highly unusual,” said Blaine Bos in Minneapolis, chief analyst of a national benefits study done annually by his company, Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

The contract sticking point had been the cost of family coverage. In the weekend session, Riverway Clinics agreed to pick up 75 percent of a family policy premium, and the union agreed to let the increase come in three steps over the next year and a half.

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Discount cards

I’m sure GW’s scratching his head over this report from Newsday. It seems that the genius idea of Medicare drug discount cards isn’t inticing a lot of seniors. And those that are looking into the cards aren’t impressed.

[Betty] Sicher [of Spring Valley, N.Y.], 70, can’t afford to buy drug coverage so she dishes out $408 at a Canadian pharmacy for a three-month supply of medicine to treat her illnesses, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Opting for the Medicare card would cost her an additional $220.

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Health in France

Kevin Drum has a few thoughts on this Economist article and the French healthcare system. It’s not quite the Canadian system, and it’s not quite the John Conyers plan, but is it better than the U.S. system? Do you have to ask?

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