Reagan Memorial Hwy?

from Minnesota Politics:The Taxpayers League of Minnesota wants to rename the Floyd B. Olson Memorial Highway for Ronald Reagan.

History review for you, David: Floyd B. Olson was actually governor of Minnesota three times. Ronald Reagan was not from Minnesota, did not live in Minnesota, and did not win the vote in Minnesota in either 1980 or 1984. Although I am aware of the fact that for ├╝ber-conservatives, intoning Reagan’s name is an orgasmic pleasure (except perhaps for Tom Prichard), but wouldn’t it be nice if proposals for honoring him made any sense whatsoever? Getting rid of a memorial to an important Minnesotan to build a shrine to somebody who never won a vote here is absurd.

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Some words about the mayor

12:55 PM

I’m sitting here in a cafe in St. Paul, a city whose mayor is now the target of a recall campaign. Democrat Randy Kelly early this month endorsed George Bush and has since been stumping on his behalf and even introduced Bush at a campaign event at the X earlier this week.

I’m no fan of Kelly, a DINO (Democrat in name only) if ever there was one, and I do agree with Recall Randy’s conception that Kelly made the endorsement for his own political gain (witness the one-man walking freak show that is Zell Miller, he’ll be giving the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in September). But, I see no real reason for recalling the man. And, I have my doubts he’ll be recalled.

All Kelly has done here is endorse a Presidential candidate with the admittedly horrendous logic that our country is safest if the man that is in office stays in office (Hey, if that’s the case let’s just call off the elections now! If we don’t boot this rube back to Texas in November, I’m confident we’ll see some wingnut introduce legislation to amend the constitution to abolish Presidential term limits. Hell, they’ll probably roll it right in with a gay marriage amendment. In a Neo-Republican Utopia (known as Lucifer’s pit to the rest of us) George Bush will perpetually be the ruling leader and if you don’t have a southern drawl you’ll be burned for heat (at least that still leaves John Edwards, Molly Ivans and Jim Hightower to fight the fight).) Elected officials endorse candidates all the time, and it’s hardly a crime or a “malfeasance.”

If the campaign garners the signatures it needs to remove Kelly, there will still likely be a court battle over whether signatures are enough to put the recall on the ballot.

On Morning Edition this morning, Cathy Wurzer asked one of the Recall Randy organizers if they’d be equally upset if Kelly had endorsed John Kerry for president. He replied that it’s not about who the mayor endorses but about his political use of a non-partisan office. This is, of course, poppycock. Even if they didn’t like a Kerry endorsement, they wouldn’t bat an eye at it. It would be, after all, expected in this heavily Democratic town.

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